welcome to heart acres farm!

We are a new small farm situated in the heart of the Red River Valley near St. Adolphe, Manitoba.

Started by friends, Laura & Chad, Heart Acres is moving into its second season of small scale vegetable production. Our mutual interest in sustainable farming, food security issues, microbiology, philosophy, art, life and death compelled us to start farming together, and eventually led to us starting our own farm in 2018.

We grow a diversity of vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers on 1 acre of land.
During our first season we slowly shifted into becoming a no-till farm. Now we are hooked! We use ecological practices to supply our communities with healthy and sustainable local produce, while also prioritizing soil and water health. Finding ways to grow sustainably and ecologically is of the utmost importance to us.

One of our main focuses is how to foster and support biologically rich soil.

As aforementioned, this goal led us to the decision to be a no-till farm, doing more (smart) hand labour. By supporting our soils natural and rich microbiology, our plants have a greater and more sustainable source to nutrients in the soil. Those nutrient dense veggies then pass on those beneficial nutrients to you, our community!

In addition to cutting out tillage from our system, some of our practices include:

  • Making our own compost and compost tea - to introduce beneficial microbes and nutrients back into the soil food web.

  • Investing in smarter, innovative hand tools & technology - making the intensive labour sustainable for our bodies while we reduce our emissions of greenhouse gases.

  • Planting a diversity of heritage and heirloom varieties, and saving our own seed - which, amongst other things, can be done to naturally adapt the genetics of our plants to our Manitoban growing conditions.

  • Including livestock in our farm system - even if only on a small scale, we believe including livestock is an important step towards creating a truly sustainable system of nutrient cycling to benefit soil health.

Chad naps on mom's back while she waters the garden by hand and raises 4 kids.

Chad naps on mom's back while she waters the garden by hand and raises 4 kids.

Our farm has a long history as a small scale organic farm in Manitoba.

26 years ago, Chad's parents started one of the first CSA's in Manitoba - the Wiens' Shared Farm - where they grew kale before it was "cool". We now rent this same farm land from the Wiens' and carry out this legacy through our own CSA and Market Garden . 

Land acknowledgement

We are settler-descendents living on the traditional lands of the Anishinaabeg, Cree, Oji-Cree, Dakota, and Denes Peoples, and on the homeland of the Métis nation. This land is on Treaty 1 Territory.

Our farm is nestled between the prairie, boreal plains, and boreal shield ecozones.