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What is a CSA?

Community shared agriculture (CSA) builds relationships between farmers and the community.

It works like this: prior to the season, CSA members sign up for their farm share. By paying for their share in advance, they help us afford the purchase of seeds, equipment, and sustain our livelihoods throughout the season. In exchange, farm share members receive boxes of fresh produce available for weekly pick up from mid-June into October.

CSA members make an investment into the farm and farmers, sharing in both the risk and the reward of farming ecologically grown food in Manitoba.

What is our CSA about?

There are a myriad of CSA possibilities in Winnipeg as small farming makes a long overdue resurgence into our local economy. As such, there are some CSAs that are going to be better suited for you than others. This may depend on pick-up location, farm practices, ethics, etc.

When you sign up for a CSA share with Heart Acres, here are some of the things you are investing in:

  • Soil biodiversity restoration & preservation - We are committed to no-till farming, as we believe the best way to work against the degradation our planets ecosystem in agriculture is to disturb the soil food web as little as possible. We believe in fostering & feeding the microbiology in our soil to grow more sustainable, nutrient dense, and flavourful produce.

  • Taking small steps towards greater food security in our communities - We believe that access to healthy local food in Winnipeg should not just be available to the most privileged. Through partnering with local organizations such as Mosaic Newcomer Family Resource Network*, we are committed to taking steps towards finding ways of increasing access to healthy local food for all.

  • Experiments in the garden - Farming is not static, but rather always changing and growing (pun intended). As such, we want to continually find innovative ways to grow and change with it. Through experimentation in the garden we are working to finding new ways to make small scale no-till farming in Manitoba actually sustainable: environmentally, physically and financially.

  • Us! - Signing up with our farm share is also making an investment in our livelihoods, into us. Your investment goes towards allowing us to take care of our bodies, our minds, pay our rent, and our general well-being. That’s the only way this can be sustainable after all!

If you are interested in purchasing a CSA but ours is not right for you for one reason or another, please check out the CSA Manitoba website to browse the many options.