The Farm “Heart Breakers” Chad , Spirit, & Laura.

The Farm “Heart Breakers” Chad , Spirit, & Laura.

the Farmers

Chad Wiens


Chad has been surrounded by farming his whole life. The year he was born his parents Dan and Wilma began their first CSA on the Wiens’ Shared Farm. 25 years later Chad was ready and eager to begin his first CSA. His passion lies in understanding the way natural ecosystems work to then better replicate those systems in the agricultural lens to produce food that is not only healthy for humans, but for the soil, water and air as well.  

Laura Tait


Laura has been immersed in the world of soil, microbes, & plant life in one way or another for the past several years. Through the personal practice of subverting industrial consumer culture, she found herself cultivating garden, craft, & food preservation skills lost in her parents generation. Her love of small scale, organic farming was first honed during the three seasons she worked at FortWhyte Farms.
In addition to farming, Laura is a certified community herbalist, and leads workshops on food preservation and beer brewing. She is particularly interested in exploring the intersections between growing & preserving food, plant medicine, microbiology, and feminist politics.