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Our Sauerkraut

We are so excited and proud to be adding this preserve to our inventory. We offer it to you knowing that the love and care that went into growing the cabbage also went into preparing the sauerkraut. It is preserves like these that we can see the direct correlation between supporting a healthy environmental ecosystem, as well as a healthy inner ecosystem.

Our small batch sauerkraut is made with our own spray free, farm grown cabbage. It is both Manitoba grown & made, poising it as one of the most local sauerkrauts you can buy! Fermented & unpasteurized, our kraut is full of beneficial bacteria to support your own healthy microbiome.

You can pick up a jar of our sauerkraut at:
Eadha Bakery, 577 Ellice Ave.

Available while supplies last!


 Our Preserver in Residence:
Anna Sigrithur

Learn more about the exciting things happening in her world of preserves by visiting Anna's website.


Preserving one's own food is the foundation both of food security/ sovereignty and of cuisine. 

The current system of agricultural land use in Manitoba prioritizes commodity production; food biomass is centralized and shipped globally, while food from the globe is shipped to us daily. The resurgence in small farming is a challenge to this system, but our growing season is short: what are we to do the 6-8 months of the year that no fresh food is around? The answer lies rooted in every culinary tradition on the planet. Preserving, processing and transforming the harvest in ways that work with a place’s unique climate and geography is the reason for our global culinary diversity. So, in addition to growing food, we are finding ways to put it away for the future, ways that are influenced by the food traditions and histories of this land. In doing so we hope to take one small step toward a more secure and delicious future of food and farming in Manitoba.